Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites from Taste of France, Taste of the South, Savor Home, Life Made Simple, Quintessence, The French Oasisi and More

Good morning! I hope that you are well and surviving the roller coaster Spring. I heard from some friends that they have 16 inches of snow. WOW. Sadly we did not get any but we did get a lot of rain, any more and I think there may be a pond in the neighbors yard. Sadly (and I hope I do not spoil your weekend but)  the weather people said that there is still more cold and maybe snow on the way. 

Image Taste of the South

Lets not dwell on the bad and lets get right to the good stuff. Because it is close to Easter there has been an abundance of carrot recipes floating around the web that I thought I might try. These Carrot Cake Donuts from Taste of the South would be perfect for Easter morning. 

Image Savor the Best

Carrot cake  is always welcome at my house and although I have my favorite recipe I am always open to trying new ones. This Tropical Carrot Cake from Savor Home looks delicious. 

I love the idea of Carrot Cake Scones, another great idea for Easter weekend. 

For those of you that do not like carrots this Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is a delicious cake for the holiday. 

Image Life Made Simple

If you are starting to plan your Easter menu this Fruit Salad from Life Made Simple would be perfect for breakfast, lunch or brunch. 

Image from Taste of France

Quintessence Image

If you like Carolyne Roehm, designer extraordinaire, and frankly who doesn't, you will definitely enjoy this post from Quintessence

Friendship is one of the most beautiful parts of life and this post from French Oasis talks about it in all forms. 

Silverware Birds by Mat Wilson

Embroidered Insects

Have you found, made, watched, or read anything interesting this week? If so please share with us. 

Have a happy and safe weekend. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

My Spring Bucket List

Image from Midwest Living

Good morning! As I type the wind is howling, the eves are creaking, it is raining and there is snow on the way bringing the cold along with it. Sunday I was outside with shorts and a t-shirt today if I leave the house I will be bundled up in my down jacket with a scarf and mittens. 

My mind is focused on the bright days of Spring, the season of renewal and new possibilities. This season I am looking forward to savoring the little things. 

1. Opening the windows and letting the crisp cool air in to chase the stale winter air out. 

2. Going to the nursery to pick flowers for my containers.

3. Visiting the farmers market and tasting the first strawberries of the season. 

4. Planting an herb garden. 

5. Enjoying the first walk on the beach this year where I won't freeze my toes. 

6. Easter, mass, the eggs, dinner and the bunny. 

7. Exploring a new place to walk, hike and relax. 

8.  6 week bootcamp. 

9. Take a "spring break."

10. Host a dinner for friends to welcome the new season. 

Do you have a bucket list for Spring or do you just wing it and enjoy what life has to offer in the moment? Whatever the case I hope that you slow down and enjoy your family, friends and experiences. Life is unpredictable and uncertain so make the most of it. 

Happy day and happy Spring. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring

Good morning.  Happy first day of Spring! It is cold, rainy, windy and there is a possibility of snow on the way so it doesn't feel or look too much like spring today. That's ok though because I have a spring in my step and sunshine on my mind. 

I hope that you have a great day!