Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Favorites from Yonks, Gwen Moss, The Glitter Guide, From the House of Edward and More

Good morning! I won't begin with the Christmas countdown because if you are like me you are wondering where the time went. I swear just the other day I was relishing Fall and in the blink of an eye it is Christmas.

Christmas decorations and window displays are one of my favorite memories from childhood. This week Sandy from You May Be Wandering has been featuring the beautiful and imaginative window displays from the biggest department stores in New York; my favorite so far are the windows from Lord and Taylor.

Image from Racked photo taken by Rebecca Dale

Although I have been enjoying all of the beautiful Christmas posts filled with scrumptious recipes, tasty treats, stunning Christmas decorations and fabulous DIY inspiration; there is so much stuff that it is easy to get lost in it all.  Leslie at Gwen Moss posted a excellent reminder this week on the reason for the season and The Gift of Simplicity

Image from The Glitter Guide

Speaking of the art of simplicity, this easy and delicious cocktail from The Glitter Guide has me intrigued. I think I will be trying this tonight. 

Fontina, Pear and Caramelized Onion Gallette

I will also be making this Fontina, Pear and Caramelized Onion Galette from Wisconsin Cheese Talk, doesn't this look delicious? Anything that contains cheese and caramelized onions is a favorite of mine. 
Are you finished with your shopping? If not, Pamela at From the House of Edward has published a three part book list for all of the men, women and children on your list. I found a few books on the list that I am gifting myself.

Image Di from Yonks

I may have mentioned once or twice that although I love Paris, my heart belongs to Scotland. It is actually a dream of mine to move there, but that is a story for another day. This week Di from Yonks is traveling in Scotland and as usual her photos are stunning and her writing witty. I hope that someday soon she publishes a book of her work.

 I wish you are wonderful weekend. Enjoy the magic of the season, soon it will all be over. 


  1. Oh I am so in love with Di's new photography blog, and she has made me swoon over Scotland all over again!

    My friend, I wish you a PEACEFUL Christmas! You have been a busy elf and my heart just reaches out to you in gratitude for all the love you spread on our behalf. HUGS! Anita

  2. I recently saw the Beekman cookbook and it looks like it's filled with all kinds of delicious goodies:) The drink at the top looks so pretty!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year! xxL

  3. I don't recall ever hearing of a galette, but now I'd like to try it!

  4. Here in Australia we have a store that has become famous for their Christmas displays. Every year we wait in anticipation to see what will be behind the curtained windows, and we have never been dissapointed when the curtains on all four windows are raised. Over the years it has become a family tradition to take the children to the city to see the Myer christmas window display.

  5. Thank you for the shout out, Elizabeth!! It was a fun week of posts! On my way to check out your other always find such great things. Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  6. Look how late I am to your party darling! Life has been extraordinarily hectic over here. We are back home now and frantic preparations are being made. I'm cooking for 9 Christmas Day! Feet haven't touched the ground but it's Sunday morning, I'm nursing a bit of a headache as the result of a late night party and I thought, I'll visit my friend Elizabeth. Look what you've done! So supportive as usual :-) hope you enjoyed my little slice of Scotland. I know you love it there.
    Have a great weekend and if I don't speak to you before, have a wonderful Christmas!
    Much love.


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