Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday Favorites from The Enchanted Home, Traditional Home, A Spicy Perspective, What She's Having and More!

Good morning! Are you ready for the weekend? What are your plans? An adventure somewhere, a concert or perhaps a good book? All of that sound good to me, throw in some time relaxing in the sun, perusing my favorite blogs and the weekend would be complete.

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This week I have been dreaming of summer and travel. I have a list a mile long of things I want to do and see and sadly France is not on the summer list. I can however visit Tina at The Enchanted Home and gaze longingly at her stunning photos of Provence and if I think hard enough transport myself back to sunny days spent at the market or the cafe with the smell of lavender wafting through the air. 

Show House Traditional Home
Speaking of summer, I could imagine spending long days relaxing and reading in this room of the Traditional Home Stately Homes by the Sea House. You can check out the rest of the house and its history by clicking here.

Summer Cobb Salad from A Spicy Perspective

If you are like me you are already pondering a change in the menu from soups and comfort foods to salads, barbecue and more. This Summer Cobb Salad salad from A Spicy Perspective seems like the perfect meal for a warm summer day. 

Summer Berry Tart From What She's Having

Maybe I will just skip the salad and go for a slice of this Summer Berry Tart from What She's Having. Doesn't this look scrumptious? 

Blackberry Cheesecake Bars

Or I may have to make a pan of these Blackberry Cheesecake Bars. Hopefully I will not eat the entire pan myself, anyone want a piece?

Image Ralph Lauren Home via Pinterest

If you are looking for summer recipes and ideas check out my SUMMER Pinterest Board

Like many of you I am a voracious reader but I cannot say that I have read to many books that I feel have changed my life. Starting this month I am going to read or reread  32 Books That Will Change Your Life a list compiled by Buzzfeed. Oddly enough,  I have already read most of these books but I must not have been in the right mind frame if they did not "change my life." Have you read any of these? How did you feel?

I know this is about the time that many are getting ready for their bikini, this body at 47 years old is not going to see a bikini but I will be hitting the beach. So I was curious, do any of you have a Fitbit? If so and you would like a virtual walking partner let me know. I generally walk between 10,000 and 12,500 steps a day and am always up for a challenge. 

What did you find interest this week, any books, movies or recipes that you think I need to look at? If so please share.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Always enjoy seeing what you are loving and so happy you enjoyed my post on Provence, I loved putting it together, it was like a great little virtual getaway:) I look forward to checking out these other posts, have a great weekend!

  2. Hello Elizabeth,

    This is a season to be giddy with the thought of all the jolly things to do when sun, sea and sand can be the order of the day. And, how marvellous it is even if we cannot travel to foreign places in reality that we can tag along with our blogger buddies and experience all manner of wonderful adventures.

  3. Great minds think alike...we both linked to Tina's post! I am on my way to check out your others...I always find great things in your posts! Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth!! xoxo

  4. The tart or the cheesecake bars suit me nicely... though it occurs to me I've never tasted blackberry.

  5. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful finds. I had to check on the book list....I, too, have read several of the suggestions, and though, I enjoyed them, I can't say my life was changed. Maybe, "The Artist's Way" gave me a push and help me focus more on my writing. I hope you enjoy a lovely sunny weekend. Bonnie

  6. I need to get a fitbit I started TRX last year and believe it or not I actually wore a bikini this year but it was a conservative one, at 49 I dont want to push it. That Berry salad looks amazing and I love all your recipes!


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