Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just Curious...What Advice Would You Give A Graduate or My 10 Pieces of Advice to the Future Graduate

Good morning! How has your week been so far? Mine has been busy but going well so I will not complain. As we are nearing the graduation season I was thinking back on my own graduation and the advice that I was given when I "went out into the world."  I thought it would be interesting to make a short list of things that I was told or would advise myself to the future graduate.

10 Pieces of Advice for the Future Graduate or 10 Suggestions for a Happy Life:

1. Save money for your retirement, start with your first paycheck and remember to ALWAYS pay yourself first. The economy has had its ups and downs, more often than not you will not be working in a job that pays you a pension or a "golden parachute" so you need to rely on yourself.  The earlier that you start the better off you will be. Hand in hand with this nugget is stay out of debt, you never want to live above your means and get into debt, having a nest egg will help you should you loose your job or have another finical disaster. 

2. Never ever stop learning. Just because you graduated doesn't mean that you know everything there is to know about the world, people, and life so continue to learn new things, languages, history, etc. Not only will it enrich your mind but your life as well. 

3. Travel, as much as you can and wherever you can. While doing so step outside your comfort zone and experience things that are new to you, try new food, speak to the locals, go off the "beatin' path." Do it while you are young and have the most time, this doesn't mean that you stop traveling as you age but it means that as you age and have families and jobs your time is more limited.

4. Love yourself just the way you are, right now because I promise you that you will look back in 20-30 years or more and wonder why you thought you were fat, not pretty enough, or smart enough or just enough!

5. Stay healthy. Your health is vital, your body is your temple; if you do not take care of yourself no one will do it for you. Eat well 80% of time time and splurge 20%. Stay away from drugs and cigarettes, don't go to the tanning salon, get regular check-ups, see the dentist and exercise everyday.

6. Family is your rock, they share your history, and will be with you through good times and bad. Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad; (believe you me there will be some of both). That is what life is all about and it is always nice to know that you have your family to help celebrate the good and pick up the pieces of the bad.

7. Collect memories not things. Enough said.  

8. Respect yourself, your time, your beliefs, and your faith because if you don't ,you will allow others around you to trample on you and them. Learn to say no. 

9. Set goals. Then get up and get moving to achieve them whatever they may be,  traveling the world,  climbing Mt. Everest, buying a house, moving to Paris, etc. Never be afraid to ask for what you want in life, open your mouth, share your ideas and seek what you want and the people that will help you get it.

10. Life is about the little things, find joy in everyday life. Moments will be what you remember; time spent with family,  a walk with a loved one, a special meal prepared by a friend, a cup of cocoa on a snow day with your grandmother, baking the day away with your mom, frolicking in the rain with your kids, and so many other little moments that will shape your life, love and happiness.

These are a few of the things I was told oh so many years ago or that I would tell a future graduate. What about you? Any nuggets of advice to share?

Have a great day!


  1. I was told a combination of everything above and when it is time for my children to graduate I will tell them the same. In a nutshell: Be honest and kind to others and yourself. Try and find work that you genuinely enjoy and then work hard at it, but not so hard that you forget about life. You only have one life so enjoy it and treasure your friends and those you love.

  2. Live below your means.
    Your priorities and your friends' priorities won't be 100% the same. Don't be swayed by pressure from them to adopt their priorities. If you love travel and they love a big home, you'll never be able to travel if you try to keep up with their home. Almost nobody gets "all of the above."
    Life is long and you'll probably have to change jobs, if not careers. Be prepared for change. Embrace it. Seek it out rather than waiting for it to come and slap you upside the head.
    Work can be divided into four categories: (1) low pay/you hate it; (2) high pay/you hate it; (3) low pay/you love it; (4) high pay/you love it. Say what you want about the last three, just make sure you aren't in the first category.
    Stand up straight. Literally and figuratively.

  3. Great advice, Elizabeth! I sent your link to my soon to be college graduate. Enjoy your week.

  4. Great advice for graduates and wonderful reminders to us all! Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Very good advice, very applicable. Hey, am I the only one that thinks number 7 looks like "collent"?
    Coffee currently being sipped....Pistons not all firing at 100% yet over here!

  6. Hello Elizabeth,

    Such sage advice but do we listen when we are mere graduates? I sincerely feel everyone should leave their home country and live and work abroad for 3/5 years and then return to their home country. I have always love the JFK quote "Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country."

    I particularly like the last piece about enjoying every day.

    A wonderful post Elizabeth.

    Enjoy your week

    Helen xx

  7. Elizabeth, Perfect advice for everyone. My best advice would be to follow you heart, not what is popular. Great post! Hugs!

  8. Finally, I'm able to get into the comment box! The box kept jumping and wouldn't allow me in!

    Now I forgot what I was going to say! HAHAHAHAH

    Hello, my friend!

  9. Wonderful advice! My only addendum would be both of my children have ended up in careers outside their field of study. Don't feel you are tethered to your major. It is a different world today.

  10. Perfect advice! I just sent it to my youngest who is graduating in two weeks - yikes!! Have a fabulous weekend, Elizabeth!!

    PS...what are you reading these days? :)

  11. Great advice, Elizabeth. I especially like number 4! Have a great weekend!

  12. Elizabeth, all of your points
    are so wise and so spot-on.
    I think it's important when
    choosing a life's vocation
    to imagine what would fire
    you up each day, so that
    every morning you can't
    wait to get up and get at
    it! I didn't receive that sort
    of advice, unfortunately,
    but I've doled it out to both
    of my own. When you love
    what you are doing, it isn't
    work : )

    Thank you for this thought
    provoking post.....and for
    being such a delight!

    xo Suzanne


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