Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just Curious...What is on Your Summer Wish List

Good morning! How is your week? Mine has been great but I will be honest I am counting the hours to the weekend! I cannot wait for a three day weekend, I want to eat some bbq, swim in the ocean and hopefully see a little sun. That has me thinking about Summer and what is on my wish list for the season. 

I am curious, what is on your summer wish/bucket list? Or for those of you who are getting ready for Winter to set in what is on your winter wish list?

Here are a just a few things that I want to do:

Watch the 3rd of July fireworks in Milwaukee with my family. 

Go for a picnic with my niece

Go camping 

Get out on the water every sunny day on my paddle board

Go stargazing

Go on a road trip

Take a few long bike rides

Learn at least 5 new recipes

Make ice cream with my entices and nephews. 

Create memories. 

Of course there are many more things on my list for the summer but these are my top ten. What about you, summer is so sort and time is precious, so make a list of things to do with your family, friends or just yourself. Get out and enjoy life!

I hope you have a great week!


  1. We are going to see the July 14 fireworks at la Cité of Carcassonne. Even though we live here, we haven't gone because we've always been in the U.S. to see family during school break. It's called the "embrasement" because it looks like the fortified city has been set on fire.

  2. Our three day weekend here north of the border was this past weekend.

  3. It FEELS like summer today!!! I don't have any huge plans for the summer, but am hoping work lets up a bit so I can enjoy some leisurely days by the pool. First up is going to my youngest son's graduation this weekend and then getting him moved into NYC. I have lots of house guests coming in July and look forward to having an excuse to bake. What are you up to? Hope you are having a great week! xoxo

  4. Enjoy your long weekend and hope you get lots of sunshine.
    Here it is Autumn and days are getting cooler so won't be long and we will be getting out the winter woolies.

  5. For me? Peace and quiet. Sunny days. Poetry reading and writing, photography, time with my husband.

  6. I love creating summer bucket of my favorite things is escaping to Montauk, I am so relaxed out there and its when I get to catch up on realization and reading. Hitting farm stands on a weekly basis, doing some entertaining, and possibly taking a nice trip are all on my bucket list...cheers to a wonderful summer!

  7. Hmmm you've made me think. I'm not one who makes bucket lists but I think I will now. :)


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