Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just Curious...Who and What Influences You

Good morning! I hope that you are having a good week. I am, especially since I did not get any snow yesterday. I read that parts of Maine received up to 7 inches of snow, goodness we are having a crazy Spring.

My mother always taught me to never speak about politics or money and so I am not going to discuss either but what I am curious about is who or what influences your choices in fashion, politics, investing, etc.

The reason I am curious is because recently it was reported that the presidential candidates are "pulling out all the stops" with their friends in the entertainment industry in hopes of influencing peoples votes.

 I am not and have never been influenced whatsoever by an actor, musician, or singer in the way I vote, or what issues are important to me. Why do I care if a leading actor or musician is endorsing a candidate? And frankly why should I care? I can admire their acting ability but what do I know about their education, allegiance, and affiliations? And why does the fact that you make 20 million dollars a movie make you an expert on a candidate or issue(not that they are implying it does)?

I have also never felt compelled to purchase food, fashion, perfume, cars or consumer products because a singer or actor that I respect and admire star in their commercials. Have you? Are you swayed into a major or minor purchase like a car or a candy bar because Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt are seen in the ads? 

I certainly respect, (even if I do not agree), other peoples opinions. I will often listen to their speeches, and talks but I sometimes find that many of these so called "influencer's" are hypocrites. They speak from both ends of their mouths or have another agenda, i.e. their own. No matter, most people do but honestly I just find it hard to believe that because a person watches a TV show, or loves a movie or band that they buy water, eat pizza, or a burger, or cast a vote for something so important as president  based on the influence of these people. Am I missing something?

Do you find yourself trying a product because a writer from a blog recommends it? I think maybe 5 years ago I would be more apt to purchase a product on the recommendation of a blog. These days not so much because so many blog have turned into one big ad space.

I find more often than not that I am influenced by my upbringing, my education and people in my circle, my parents and friends. That said, I know what I like and do not like and it doesn't matter who you are or what you say you are never going to convince me to eat seafood, to sell off my stocks and put my money in a mattress or to purchase the entire line of Kayne West's latest clothing( nude body stockings don't suit my body type).

I would love to know what you think about celebrity endorsements of products,, candidates, etc. Do you find yourself influenced by them? If so, why? If not, why? Are you influenced by social media and people that you follow on blogs, Instagram and Facebook?

What does influences you?

Thanks for sharing, I hope that you have a nice day.


  1. Yes, there are certain blogs whose suggestions I trust, but I'm apt to believe the recommendations for cheap drugstore cosmetics and not for designer brands (because I suspect they're paid to tout the designers but not the drugstores).
    My stepdaughter worked in a chain of cosmetic/perfume stores and said women regularly came in and asked for the perfume with X celebrity in the ads. And they would buy it without even smelling it.
    On politics, I read a lot but am more influenced by my own experiences from living in several countries, travel to many more and meeting a wide variety of people. My personal philosophy is that government should protect the little guy from the big one and stay out of people's personal affairs. That has held steady for four decades of adulthood so I think it's unlikely to be influenced now.

  2. If we have the TV on for the news, the minute the commercials come on, I am TUNED OUT. I either walk out of the room or just zone out until the news comes back on. As far as fashion, I don't even pay attention to what the most popular person is wearing, I wear what I want. Same with food; I don't jump on any propaganda bandwagons involving the latest diet (I don't need that) and with politics, GOODNESS all these things, I try to THINK FOR MYSELF! Have a great day dear friend!

  3. Elizabeth... I admit to being swayed by celebs when it comes to beauty products, but they do not influence my political choices. PS..I was disappointed to find out that all the Aveeno in the world does not make me look like Jennifer Aniston.:(

  4. I would say I'm not swayed by celebrities in much of anything.

    Politically I would say I'm conservative, but I cannot vote Conservative. If I were American, I could not vote Republican, and it's for the same reason- disgust with neo-Conservatism and the attack mentality of it all.

    In our federal election last fall, I was glad to see the end of the former government, the Conservatives, which spent nearly a decade using its power to constantly attack. The Liberals on the other hand ran a campaign that refused to sink to attack ads and negativity, and instead spoke to the better side of people. And they won. It was a relief.

  5. Such an interesting question! Celebrity endorsements mean nothing to me at all - although sometimes they DO affect me negatively! I do find myself being influenced by blogs - almost as if a trusted friend recommended something but, I agree, I am put off by the increasing "ads" on blogs. Enjoy the rest of your week, Elizabeth!! xoxo

  6. Great question for discussion. I have to admit, I have stopped reading blogs that are loaded with ads. So, I am wondering, is it okay if my answer is a resounding AMEN! Yes, I'm playing catch-up again. I am buried under photos, glue and paper finishing up end of the year memory week left!!!! Again, have a wonderful sunny weekend.

  7. While your Spring is slow to arrive our Summer is slow to leave. I am not concerned about this because I enjoy the mild days but my garden is not too sure what is going on. Here in Australia we are currently in Election mode as well, but thankfully our Election campaign only runs for three months and it is no where the hype that your Election campaigns are. During the last few days of campaigning there is a media blackout on all election material. In Australia everyone over eighteen years of age have to vote or we receive a fine. I will be so glad when it is over so I don't have to listen to promised that will not be kept. Regards Wendy


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