Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fashionista Art from Etsy and More

Image and Art Etsy Amanda Greenwood Art

Good morning! Last week my niece graduated from high school and in a couple of months she will be heading off to college. Although she has already gathered all of the items on the list the university sent to her she is still looking for a few things to add a little personality to her dorm room.

Amanda Greenwood Art Etsy

As she loves books, fashion and art I think a few of these prints would be great. Of course knowing the size of the dorm room she may be able to fit one!

Amanda Greenwood Art

If you have a fashionista, book and art lover in your house these prints are perfect. I think they would look great in a bedroom or a dorm room! The collage below is mostly canvas prints from Oliver Gal but I also found a lot go great prints on Etsy, I especially love the ones by Amanda Greenwood Art.

Sources: 1. The Very Rich Canvas 2. Library of a Fashionista Canvas 3. Fashion Icons  4.Oliver Gal What's On Your Mind Navy  5.Oliver Gal Gold Shoe Wall Art 6. Oliver Gal My Trophies Wall Art 7. Jetsetter A La Mode Canvas Art 8. Fashion Fresh Canvas Art 9. Gala Dream Canvas Art  10. Oliver Gal 'Gold Shoe & Fashion Books'  10. Oliver Gal Florale Canvas Wall Art 11. Oliver Gal Simplicity In Fashion Canvas Wall Art 12. Oliver Gal Girl Power Books Canvas Wall Art 
13. Oliver Gal Flying Pig Books Luxe Canvas Print 14.Oliver Gal 'Limited Editions' Canvas Wall Art 15. Oliver Gal 'A To Z Bronze Style' Canvas Wall Art 16. Oliver Gal Standalone Shoes Canvas Wall Art 18. Oliver Gal Roses & Elegance Canvas Wall Art

Amanda Greenwood Art Etsy

Amanda Greenwood Art Etsy.

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  1. I love shopping on Etsy! I once had a shop myself, years ago. Right now I don't have any money to spend. But when I do, I love shopping from small business owners.


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